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Agenda – Town Council Meeting 23rd February 2021

Public Session: 

 There will be no public comments received at this remote meeting. However, any communications received prior to the meeting will be reported to Council by the Clerk for comment.

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Passcode: 078627


  1. Receive apologises.
  2. Chairman’s remarks.
  3. Report from representatives of our outside bodies.
  4. Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.
  5. Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the remote meetings held as follows:

Town Council Meeting 26th January 2021

Planning Committee Meeting 2nd February 2021

Personnel Committee Meeting 9th February 2021

Planning Committee Meeting 16th February 2021.

6.  Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for February 2021.Payments will be issued under the delegated emergency operation procedure. (see appendix 1

7. Consider and note Clerks Report including completed and outstanding tasks.(See appendix 2)

8. Consider email correspondence regarding overgrown trees along the footpath behind the bowls club.(see appendix 3)

9. Review quotations for the pebble snake installation.(see appendix 4)

10.  Consider letter from ELDC regarding the Cricket Ground and consider actions required. (see appendix 5)

11. Review of requirements in relation to the Picnic Ground, Bratoft Lane.(see appendix 6)

12. Review correspondence schedule.(see appendix 7)

13. Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed.(Due to this being a remote meeting any member of public attending will be placed in the meeting    waiting room)

14. Receive and vote on recommendations from the personnel committee in relation to staff salaries.(see appendix 8)



23 Feb 2021


7:00 am - 9:00 pm


Full Council


Zoom Meeting

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