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Agenda – Town Council Meeting – 26th October 2021 -7.00pm

Public Session 

The purpose of the public session is simply to take statements or questions from members of public for handling in future or immediate assignment to the Clerk and not for discussion presently.


  1. Receive apologies.
  2. Chairman’s remarks.
  3. Report from representatives of our outside bodies.
  4. Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.
  5. Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the meetings held as follows:  Town Council Meeting 28th September 2021, Planning Committee Meeting 5th October 2021, Finance Committee Meeting 5th October 2021, Extra-Ordinary Meeting Town Council Meeting 12th October 2021, Planning Committee Meeting 12th October 202
  6. Consider financial matters:   Approve payment schedule for October 2021 (see appendix 1).   Note financial position, reserve funds, and proposals regarding earmarked funds for October 2021. (see appendix 2)
  7. Consider and note the Clerk’s report. (See appendix 3)
  8. Update on Glebe Rise Cemetery and Groundworks/ Maintenance.
  9. Update and vote on the asset transfer of the public toilets and Market Place (see appendix 4).
  10. Update on Land Registration of the Picnic Site, Bratoft Lane (see appendix 5)
  11. Receive recommendations from the Open Spaces Committee (see appendix 6)
  12. Consider Tinkers Green access (see appendix 7)
  13. Review of waste collections at the Bottle Bank, Common Lane.
  14. Correspondence Schedule  (See appendix 8)


26 Oct 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Burgh Le Marsh Council & Library, Tinkers Green, Jacksons Lane

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