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Minutes – 26th January 2021

Minutes for a Meeting of the Burgh le Marsh Town Council

Tuesday 26th January 2021 at 7.00pm

 Remote Meeting.

Present:    Chairman: Cllr N Cooper, Cllr A Cooper, Cllr P Cooper, Cllr J Moss, Cllr P Phillips,

Cllr L Broomfield, Cllr M Greenhalgh, Cllr R Gandecha

Clerk. K Stevenson

 Public:   No members of the public present. Cllr S Kirk of LCC.

 225.21 Receive apologies.            

Apologies were accepted from Cllr S Blackburn and Cllr C Wright.  Apologies from Cllr J Brookes of ELDC.

226.21  Chairman’s remarks.

The chairman welcomed all attending.

The Chairman gave news of a  previous Chairman to Burgh le Marsh Town Council, Mr. Dodsworth, who had sadly passed away.

7.08pm a minute’s silence was held in honour of Mr Dodsworth.

7.09pm the meeting resumed.

The Chairman updated Council in relation to gas main pipe replacement that is taking place with access being required through Tinkers Green.    The Chairman and Clerk have attended a meeting with the contractor.  The work will be completed by leaving the existing pipe in place with the new pipe being replaced by horizontal drilling to leave the field untouched.

227.21 Report from representatives of our outside bodies.

Cllr J Brookes of ELDC sent a report giving an update from the District Council.  The Clerk to email a copy to councillors.

Cllr S Kirk of LCC gave an update on continued support being offered around the county by Lincolnshire Resilience Forum.   All contact details remain the same is this can be advertised to residents.

Work continues in support of the cycle path being added to the coastal strategy transport scheme.

228.21 Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance

with the act.

 None declared.

229.21 Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the remote meetings held as follows:

  1. Open Spaces Committee Meeting 17th November 2020.
  2. Town Council Meeting 24th November 2020.
  3. Planning Committee Meeting 1st December 2020.
  4. Extra Ordinary Town Council Meeting 14th December 2020
  5. Planning Committee Meeting 14th December 2020
  6. Extra Ordinary Town Council Meeting 12th January 2021
  7. Planning Committee Meeting January 12th January 2021.

It was Proposed and Resolved to adopt as minutes the notes from the meetings scheduled.

The Chainman will sign the minutes on behalf of the council when it is safe and practical to do so in light of the covid 19 restrictions.

230.21 Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for January 2021.  Payments will be issued under the delegated emergency operation procedure. (see appendix 1)

Council noted the payments and Resolved to issue the payments scheduled.

Council noted the current financial position and reserve balances.

With drainage of the Tinkers Green field complete it was Proposed and Resolved to transfer the remaining earmarked balance of £213.75 back to the general fund.

231.21 Consider and note Clerks Report including completed and outstanding tasks.  (See appendix 2).

Council noted the report and outstanding tasks.

232.21 Review and extend the Council Procedure for Business Interruption due to COVID-19  accordance with Government Guidelines. (see appendix 3)

 Due to current lockdown restrictions in relation to Covid 19, it was Proposed and Resolved to extend the policy until the end of April 20201.

233.21  Review of Trustees for the Bateman Veale & Wray Charity and appoint a councillor trustee. (see appendix 4)

Due to the resignation of Cllr B Waite a councillor trustee representative is required for the Charity.

Councillor’s present would like to know more detail of what is required i.e number of meetings etc.

It was Proposed and Resolved to write to the Charity Secretary for further information and report back at the next meeting.

ACTION:  The Clerk to write to the Secretary of the Bateman Veale & Wray Charity for information on requirements for a Councillor trustee.

234.21  Review of requirements for Glebe Rise Cemetery. (see appendix 5)

Council noted the requirements as per the Clerks report.

It was Proposed and Resolved to review requirements again once the Clerk has completed the Burials Course with the LALC and ICCM in April 2021.

It was also Proposed and Resolved for Cllr P Phillips to contract the Church to confirm availability in the church cemetery.

ACTION:  The clerk to complete the Burials Course with the LALC and ICCM in  April 2021 and report back to Council.

 ACTION:  Cllr P Phillips to contact the Church to confirm availability in the church cemetery.

 235.21  Review and update on goal posts for Tinkers Green from Cllr N Cooper.   

Cllr N Cooper gave an update on the one quotation received despite requesting more.

After discussion it was Proposed and Resolved to continue with purchase of a set of Goal Posts from the intent with a Budget of £1500.00.

ACTION:  The clerk in consultation with the Chairman  to order a set of goal posts

236.21  Review correspondence schedule. (see appendix 6)

 1. Resident letter: 14th December 2020 re: cycle path.

Council noted the resident’s concerns in relation to the cycle path. Unfortunately maintaining the cycle path is beyond the scope of the Town Council Budget and facilities available.    As advised by Cllr S Kirk of LCC he is trying to get this added to the Coastal Strategy Transport Scheme.

ACTION: Letter to the resident advising of the outcome.

2. Community Hub email dated 12th January 2021.

Council noted the communications in relation to the closure of the library due to Covid 19.

Additional Correspondence received.:

3. Letter from resident dated 22nd January 2021 in relation to the picnic ground, Bratoft Lane,

Council noted the concerns and request this matter and land ownership be listed on the next council agenda.

237.21 Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed.  (Due to this being a remote meeting any member of public attending will be placed in the meeting  waiting room)

No public present.

238.21 Review of personnel committee actions concerning village maintenance and employment contracts. (see appendix 7) 

Council noted the amendments.   It was Proposed and Unanimously Resolved to proceed with employment changes.

ACTION: The Clerk to process the contract amendments.

 239.21  Review and vote on purchasing maintenance equipment.  This is raised as part the review meetings by the Personnel Committee. (see appendix 8

Council noted equipment requirements.

It was Proposed and Resolved to purchase a drill and socket set as detailed with a budget of £270.00 plus vat.

Council also noted a replacement lawnmower will be required for Spring 2021.   It was Proposed and Resolved to research specific equipment and list on the next agenda.

ACTION:  The Clerk to research a replacement lawnmower and list on the next agenda.

In relation to pressure washing equipment this does not seem practical to facilitate.

It was Proposed and Resolved to outsource this work as and when it is required.

240.21  Review and adopt national procedure for operation London Bridge and delegate purchases as required to the Clerk and Cllr L Broomfield.  (see appendix 9)

Council noted the policy and requirements.

It was Proposed and Resolved to enquire with the churches as their plans and list on the next agenda.



26 Jan 2021


Full Council

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