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Minutes – Town Council Meeting – 23rd February 2021

Minutes for a meeting of the Burgh le Marsh Town Council

Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 7.00pm 

Remote Meeting

Present:         Chairman, Cllr Neil Cooper, Cllr Pauline Cooper, Cllr Lisa Broomfield, Cllr Jim Moss, Cllr Sue Blackburn, Cllr Colin Wright, Cllr Pat Phillips, Cllr Mike Greenhalgh.  Clerk: Kelly Stevenson

Public:            Four members of the public present.     Cllr Steve Kirk of Lincolnshire County Council.

257.21  Receive apologies.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Ricky Gandecha and Cllr Andy Cooper.

258.21  Chairman’s remarks.

The Chairman welcomed all attending.

260.21 Report from representatives of our outside bodies.

A report from Cllr Jimmy Brookes was read out due to his apologies being received.

Cllr Kirk gave an update from LCC in relation to the budget for 2021/22. There will be a 1.99% increase with budget shortfalls being used from reserve funds and various cost-saving exercises.

260.21 Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.


261.21  Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the remote meetings held as follows:

  • Town Council Meeting 26th January 2021
  • Planning Committee Meeting 2nd February 2021
  • Personnel Committee Meeting 9th February 2021
  • Planning Committee Meeting 16th February 2021.

It was Proposed and Resolved to adopt and minutes the notes from meetings scheduled.

262.21   Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for February 2021. Payments will be issued under the delegated emergency operation procedure. (see appendix 1)

 Council noted the payments to be issued together with current financial position.

It was Proposed and Resolved to issue the payments scheduled.

263.21  Consider and note Clerks Report including completed and

outstanding tasks.  (See appendix 2)

 Councill noted the clerk’s report.

264.21  Consider email correspondence regarding overgrown trees along the footpath behind the bowls club.  (see appendix 3)

 Council noted correspondence received.

It was agreed to look at quotations received in the closed session of the Council meeting due to confidential cost information.

265.21  Review quotations for the pebble snake installation. (see appendix 4)   

Council noted the current position in relation to completing the works.  It was noted one quote had been received despite efforts and requests for more.

It was agreed to the view quotation in the closed session of the meeting due to confidential cost information.

266.21 Consider letter from ELDC regarding the Cricket Ground and consider actions required.  (see appendix 5)

 Council noted correspondence received from ELDC confirming the legal owners wish to dispose of the asset.

Councill also noted communications received for community support to restart a cricket club for Burgh le Marsh.

It was agreed by all that the Cricket Field should remain a community asset of Burgh le Marsh and the council will work to protect the asset.

After discussion, it was Proposed and Unanimously to notify ELDC that the Town Council wishes to be treated as potential bidders for the Burgh le Marsh Cricket Field, Station Road.

ACTION:  The Clerk to write to ELDC to notify that the Town Council wishes to be treated as potential bidders for the cricket field.

It was Proposed and Resolved for Cllr N Cooper, Cllr J Moss and Cllr M Greenhalgh to form a working group to consider legal advice and research into the Cricket Field constitution.

It was agreed to arrange a working group meeting for Tuesday 2nd March 2021.

ACTION:  The Clerk to arrange a remote working meeting in relation to the Cricket Ground for 2nd March 2021.

 This matter will be reviewed at the next full Town Council Meeting.

 267.21 Review of requirements in relation to the Picnic Ground, Bratoft Lane. (see appendix 6).

 The Clerk informed of correspondence received from a concerned resident regarding the picnic site.

It was Proposed and Resolved for the Clerk to seek advice in relation to actions required in order to register the land.

ACTION:  The Clerk to seek advice on actions regarding registering the land and report back at the next Council meeting.

268.21  Review correspondence schedule (see appendix 7)                       Schedule A:                       

  1. Email from ELDC 3/02/2021 – Details of repairs to Market Place Office. Noted by Council.
  2. Hodgkinsons letter – 3/02/2021 – Re: Transfer of Market Place and Public Convenient.   Noted by Council.
  1. Hodgkinsons letter – 3/02/2021 – Re: Deed of Variation.   Noted by Council.
  1. Hodgkinsons letter -09-02-2021 – Fee letter. Noted by Council.

Schedule B.

  1. Resident email 14-02-2021 re: request for a memorial bench.    Council noted the request.  It was Unanimously Resolved to support the request with any memorial plaque to be approved by the Council.

ACTION:  The Clerk to reply to the request and notify of the Council’s decision.

269.21 Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed. (Due to this being a remote meeting any member of public attending will be placed in the meeting waiting room). 

 It was proposed and resolved for members of the public to leave the meeting.

Four members of the public left the remote meeting.

Review of items postponed earlier in the meeting.


Council viewed the quotation Item 8 (consider correspondence regarding overgrown trees along the footpath behind the bowls club) 

Council had previously noted all correspondence and the residents offer to complete the works.

Council acknowledged the likelihood of any general future maintenance would fall to the Town Council as ELDC and Highways had not confirmed responsibility for the trees or land.

It was Proposed and Resolved to contribute £250.00 towards to the cost of the crown raising and pruning of the trees along the footpath.


Council then viewed the quotation in relation to item 9 (review quotation for the pebble snake installation).

Council noted the quotation received.   It was agreed to delegate Cllr N Cooper and Clerk to seek further quotations and proceed with the works with a budget of £1000.00

ACTION: Cllr N Cooper to seek further quotations for installation of the pebble snake and proceed with a budget of £1000.00.


Receive and vote on recommendations from the personnel committee

in relation to staff salaries.  (see appendix 8)

Council noted the recommendations received by the Personnel Committee.

The Clerk left the meeting due to the nature of the recommendations to be discussed.

The Clerk was invited to return to the meeting.

The Chairman informed that it was Unanimously Resolved to adopt the recommendations from the Personnel Committee in relation to salary increases for the year 2021/22.

It was also Resolved for the personnel committee to review the salary scale of the clerk in October 2021 due to additional council assets and responsibilities of the Clerk that will be required.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm.


23 Feb 2021

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