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Minutes – Town Council Meeting 25th May 2021

Minutes for a meeting of the Burgh Le Marsh Town Council

Tuesday 25th May 2021 at 7.00pm

Burgh Village Hall, Jacksons Lane, Burgh le Marsh.

 Public Session

Questions / comments to Council:

Residents of Claremont Rd have reported damage to the road and curbs from the building site vehicles going through to Bishop Tozer estate.   The site is also working seven days per work.

Council noted the concerns.  The council have assisted with parking of work vehicles etc.  Cllr J Moss has had communications with planning and the contractor.  All damages will be rectified.

Parking at Ingoldmells Rd and Cervantes Court is seriously dangerous.

Cllr S Blackburn of LCC  will liaise with Highways regarding this.

The village is looking unkept with potholes everywhere and rotten benches etc.

Council noted concerns regarding roads and footpaths.

The Clerk will report benches to the council Handyman for any required repairs.

There is a public rights of way footpath at the top of Elm Crescent to Wildshed Lane. It is become rather overgrown.

Cllr Sue Blackburn will make enquiries with LCC.

The Chairman thanked all for their comments.  The Town Council will endeavour to support, resolve and report concerns raised.

Present:  Chairman: Cllr Neil Cooper, Deputy Chairman Cllr Jim Moss Cllr Sue Blackburn, Cllr Pauline Cooper, Cllr Andy Cooper, Cllr Colin Wright   Cllr Mike Greenhalgh, Cllr Pat Phillips. Clerk: Kelly Stevenson

 Public:            Seven members of the public present (track and trace completed)

109.21             Receive apologises.

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Ricky Gandecha and Cllr Lisa Broomfield.

110.21 Chairman’s remarks.

The Chairman thanked all for attending the first face-to-face full council meeting since covid restrictions started in March 2020.

111.21  Report from representatives of our outside bodies.

Apologies were received from District Councillor, Cllr J Brookes.    The clerk gave details of Cllr Brookes report from ELDC with an update regarding covid grants, transport study, funding secured to support a college in Horncastle, funding secured from the Department of Business for Business to support of Green House Grants.

Cllr Sue Blackburn was welcomed and congratulated on her appointment as our new County Councillor.

Cllr Blackburn reported that since being appointed on 6th May 2021 she is just settling into the role.   As discussed, and advised, during the public session any concerns or comments are welcome.

112.21  Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.


113.21  Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the remote meetings held as follows:   Town Council Meeting 27th April 2021 and  Annual Town Council Meeting 4th May 2021.

It was Resolved to adopted as minutes the notes from the remote meetings held.

114.21  Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for May 2021.    Payments will be issued under the delegated emergency operation procedure.  (see appendix 1)

It was Resolved to approve and issue the payments scheduled.

Council noted council projected funds for May 2021 of £136,770.13.  This includes reserve and earmarked funds of £114,690.09.

115.21 Review completed accounts for 2020/2021

Income and Expenditure against Budget for 2020/21

Council noted Budgeted Income and Expenditure as follows:

Budgeted income and expenditure of £73881.74.

Actual income received of £94,880.34.

This includes £10,000 Triton Knoll Grant, £5,167.00 LCC community Hub Grant.

Actually expenditure £96,279.19.

This includes £28,483.60 of reserve/grant fund expenditure on play area improvements, Tinkers Green field drainage and goal posts.

Councils’ funds at the year end of 31st March 2021 total £111,733.00.  This includes reserve and earmarked £102,090.00.

There are general funds remaining of £9,642.90.  Council resolved this balance be added to the council’s general carry forward fund for 2021/2022.

Asset Register additions/disposals for 2020/2021

Council noted and approved the asset register balance of £261,520.80 at 31st March 2021.  This includes an additional balance of £27,884.00 on play area equipment, goal posts, additional CCTV and maintenance equipment. A disposal balance of £2600.00 of the old play area equipment.

Annual Governance Audit Return for 2020/2021 (The AGAR will be fully approved at the June Town Council Meeting upon completion of the Internal audit) (See Appendix 2)

 Council noted the annual return for 2020/2021.  The Clerk confirmed all councils’ records are now with the internal auditor.

Council agreed the dates of public rights of expectation commence on 14th June 2021.

The outcome of the internal audit and resolving the return for submission to the external auditors will be listed on the June agenda.

116.21  Consider and note Clerk’s report  (see appendix 3)

Council noted the clerks report. The  Clerk gave specific details as follows:

Cricket Ground:  Legal advice is now being pursued.   The Clerk confirmed the original allocated budget of £500.00.

After discussion, it was Proposed and Resolved this be increased to £1000.00 as a Barrister is being consulted.

 Market Place Transfer: Repairs to the office area are now complete. The Clerk has contacted ELDC for confirmation of the legal contracts.  The outcome is still awaited.

Great British Spring Clean: Additional equipment has been purchased.  Councilors will confirm via email which dates they are attending.

Co-option advert:  There are two places on the council that are available for co-option.  It is proposed to advertise for the month of June and hold interviews in July now face to face meeting can be held.

117.21  Update on the Bottle Bank, Common Lane and consider correspondence from ELDC (see appendix 4)

Council noted email correspondence from ELDC confirming the bins can remain at the site if the Town Council take over collections from the site.

It was therefore Resolved to arrange where practically possible weekly collections with Carousel Recycling.  The company will provide free-of-charge collections for domestic waste only.

118.21  Update on plans for a Summer Event in August 2021. (see appendix 5)

It was noted the Cllr Broomfield has resigned from the working group.

Council noted that entertainment and a band have been booked for Saturday 7th August 2021.

It was Resolved to advertise the picnic in the park event via the council Facebook page.

ACTION: The Clerk to promote the event with posters and social media posts.

119.21  Consider and vote on a request from the Windmill to support grass cutting (see appendix 6)

 Cllr N Cooper declared an interest being Chairman of the Heritage Committee.  

 Cllr J Moss took chair of the meeting.

 After discussion it was Resolved to support grass cutting of the Windmill field for 2021, adding to the council’s grass cutting fortnightly schedule at an additional annual cost of £474.00.   This will be reviewed for 2022.

ACTION:  The Clerk to instruct the councils’ contractor to add the Windmill field to the council’s contract for 2021.

120.21 Update on building maintenance, treatment of the council building and painting of both the storage container and WC at Tinkers Green (see appendix 7)

Cllr N Cooper re-took Chair of the Meeting.

Council noted the additional quotation.

It was Resolved to proceed with the additional repairs in relation to the guttering and building facias.

ACTION:  The Clerk to instruct the contractor to complete the additional work.

121.21  Update from the Open Spaces Committee regarding additional Picnic benches at Tinkers Green.  (see appendix 8)

 Council noted the order for 5 benches at a cost of £3,575.00.  It was Resolved to approve the overspend of £75.00.

It was Resolved to allocate a budget of £1,000.00 to the Open Spaces Committee for installation of the benches.

122.21  Consider and vote on  purchase and installation of council signs at The Causeway and Picnic site.  (see appendix 9)

 Council noted the sign design and quotations.

It was Resolved to proceed with purchase and installation for both signs at The Causeway and Picnic Site.

It was Resolved to add “No Parking” to the sign at The Causeway.

ACTION:  Cllr J Moss to confirm the sign amendment and proceed with the order.

123.21  Consider council policies for review and adoption updates.

(see appendix 10)

 Council noted the requirement to review all council policies and procedures.

It was Resolved to delegate the review of council’s standing orders and policies to the Personnel Committee and report back to full council for adoption.

It was Resolved to delegate the review of the council’s financial regulations and procedures to the Finance Committee and report back to full council for adoption.

ACTION:  The clerk to arrange for each committee to review the policies as required and list on future council agendas for adoption.

124.21  Correspondence Schedule (see appendix 11)

No additional correspondence.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.05 pm


25 May 2021

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