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Minutes – Town Council Meeting 27th October 2020

Minutes for a Meeting of the Burgh le Marsh Town Council

Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 7.00pm

Remote Meeting (Zoom)

 Present:         Chairman: Cllr N Cooper, Deputy Chairman: Cllr A Cooper,

Cllr P Phillips, Cllr Colin Wright, Cllr M Greenhalgh. Officer:  K. Stevenson.

Public:            No members of public.

Cllr Steve Kirk of LCC and Cllr Jimmy Brookes of ELDC.

 131.20 Receive apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr S Blackburn, Cllr L Broomfield, Cllr J Moss and Cllr R Gandecha.

132.20 Chairman’s remarks.

The Chairman welcomed all and thanked our County and District Councilors’ for attending.

133.20 Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.

None received.

134.20 Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the  remote Town Council meeting held on 29th September 2020.

It was Proposed and Resolved to adopt as minutes the notes the Town Council Meeting held on 29th September 2020.

In light of the current COVID-19 restrictions, the Chairman will sign the minutes at a later date when it is safe and practical to do so.

135.20 Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for October 2020.  Payments will be issued under the delegated emergency operation procedure. (see appendix 1)

Council noted the Payment Schedule for October 2020.

It was Resolved to issue the payments scheduled.

ACTION:  The Clerk to issue the payments scheduled as delegated in the emergency operation procedure.

 Council noted the current financial position and ring-fenced balances.

136.20 Consider and note Clerks Report including completed and outstanding tasks.  See appendix 2.

The Clerk gave a summary of the report detailing progress on outstanding tasks.

The Clerk informed Council of a correspondence request requiring their urgent attention.

Skegness and District Councillor, Cllr R Cunnington, would like to support the village chip shop in their community offer of free meals for the children during the current school holiday.   A suggested donation of £100.00 is proposed.  Funds can be claimed from Cllr Cunnington’s   District grant fund.

The Clerk informed that the local children’s centre is also offering support to children and families in receipt of free school meals.

The Council have a COVID-19 community support grant from ELDC of £250.00 which funds remain available.

After a lengthy discussion and consideration all information provided.

It was Resolved not to support Cllr Cunnington’s proposal due to this supporting a business not a community group.

The importance of helping families and children in the community was felt necessary.

It was therefore Proposed to support the community by donation of the councils COVID-19 grant fund to the charity run organisation of Sunshine Children’s Centre.  The amount of £250.00 donated to help the current school holiday and possible help toward the Christmas school holidays.

It was Resolved to donate £250.00 to Sunshine Children’s Centre to support families in receipt of free school meals during the school holidays.

ACTION:  The Clerk to arrange donation of £250.00 to the Children’s Centre.

137.20 Update on the Tinkers Green field drainage and vote on purchasing and installing new goal posts. (see appendix 3)

Council noted the drainage works are completed.

After discussion and noting specifications and cost estimates to replace the goal posts.

It was Resolved that the examples given we too costly.

Cllr N Cooper Proposed that he make enquiries for quotations or source new goal posts. It was further Proposed to allocate a budget of £750.00.

It was Resolved for Cllr N Cooper to obtain quotations or source new goal posts with an allocated budget of £750.00 and report back at the next Council meeting.

ACTION:  Cllr N Cooper to obtain quotations and source new goal posts and report back at the next Council meeting.

138.20 Update on requirements for a new council website and vote on creating a new site. (see appendix 4).                 

 Council note the requirements for a new Council website due to changes by LCC of the current system.  A Website is a legal requirement of the Council.   The clerk confirmed LCC’s systems if very difficult to operate and time consuming.  Many local councils are now considering providng their own websites independently from LCC.

It was Proposed for the council to develop their own website independently from LCC.

It was Resolved to develop a new Council website independently from LCC and delegate administration and creation of the this to the Clerk with the assistance of a local web design company.

ACTION:  The Clerk to organise creating a new council website with the assistance of a web design company.

140.20             Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed. (Due to this being a remote meeting any member of public attending will be placed in the meeting waiting room).

 No Public present.

Cllr J Brookes and Cllr S Kirk left the meeting at 7.50pm

140.20b  Update and review of council services and processes of working.   (See appendix 4 confidential item).  

 The clerk confirmed quotations have been requested and are now being received.   This is will be reviewed in detail by the Open Spaces Committee prior to the next full Town Council Meeting and recommendations presented at that meeting.

 There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.10pm


27 Oct 2020

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