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Minutes – Town Council Meeting 29th June 2021

Minutes for a meeting of the Town Council

Tuesday 29th June 2021 at 7.00 pm

Burgh le Marsh Village Hall, Jacksons Lane, Burgh le Marsh.

Pubic Session:

No comments received.

 Present:   Deputy Chairman: Cllr J Moss, Cllr Sue Blackburn, Cllr P Phillips, Cllr Andy Cooper,  Cllr Mike Greenhalgh.   Clerk:  Kelly Stevenson

Public: One member of the public present.

 125.21Receive apologies

Apologies were received accepted from, Cllr N Cooper, Cllr Pauline Cooper, Cllr Lisa Broomfield, Cllr Ricky Gandecha and Cllr C Wright.

126.21  Chairman’s remarks.

 Deputy Chairman, Cllr Jim Moss, welcomed all attending and informed he would be standing in Chairing the meeting in the absence of Chairman Cllr N Cooper.

127.21 Report from representatives of our outside bodies.

Cllr J Brookes has sent his apologies for the meeting and confirmed there is no report from ELDC.

Cllr Sue Blackburn of LCC reported: LCC are applying for £20m additional funding for road leveling on the A16.  They are also promised additional funding of £2.5m for supporting children and young adults.

128.21  Pursuant to the Localism Act 2011: Receive declarations of interest in accordance with the act.


129.21 Approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the meetings held as follows:    Town Council Meeting 25th May 2021.

It was Resolved to approve and adopt as minutes the notes from the meeting held.

130.21  Consider and approve Payment Schedule and Financial Position for June 2021 (See appendix 1)

Council noted payments for June totaling £6861.29, as documented.

It was Resolved to issue the payments scheduled.

Council noted funds at 30th June 2021, once all payments are issued, would be £139,416.14.  This includes reserve and earmarked funds of £114,690.09

131.21  Review completed internal audit and approve annual return for the submission to the External Auditors for 2020/2021 (See appendix 2)

Council noted the Internal Audit Report for 2020/21.  Specific acknowledgment and thanks were given to the Clerk as detailed in the report for excellent record keeping.

It was Resolved to sign and submit the annual return for 2020/21 to the External Auditors.

ACTION;  The clerk to submit the return to the External Auditors.

132.21 Consider and note Clerk’s report (See appendix 3)

Council noted the clerk’s report, specifically the following items:

Public Convenience and Market Place asset transfer:  since sending the report, confirmation has been received from ELDC that legal transfer documents are now with the councils’ solicitors.

Cricket Ground: update from working group to confirm all historical minutes and documentation have been sent to the trustees of the field.  A review is set for 9th July to consider the next actions and legal advice.

Pebble snake: The Handyman will complete this and commence during the first week of July.

Picnic benches: Delivery is estimated for 30th June 2021. The open spaces committee have a delegated budget of £1000.00 to complete installation.     The committee are mindful of completing prior to mid-July and the start the school holidays.  The council handyman has confirmed he would be willing to complete.

Bottle Bank:  Contractors empty the bottle free of charge which is planned weekly where it is practically possible.

Complaints have been received due the bottle bank being full and overflowing.  It is been approximately 9 days since it was last emptied.

Contractors report that businesses may be using the facility.

Council proposed to write to all business within the town to remind that the facility is for residential waste only.

133.21  Update on Glebe Rise Cemetery and consider further actions required (See appendix 4)

Cllr P Phillips declared an interest being a member of the Church Committee.

Council noted the update from the meeting held with the Church in June.

After discussion, it was Proposed and Resolved for Council to pursue the concept of working jointly with the church on the running of Glebe Rise Cemetery.

It was Proposed and Resolved for Cllr Mike Greenhalgh and Cllr Sue Blackburn to again meet with the Church and report back to the council.

ACTION:  The Clerk to arrange a further meeting with Church, Cllr Mike Greenhalgh and Cllr Sue Blackburn.

In relation to current maintenance, there are specific areas of concerns:  the bank and overgrown right of way access.

It was Proposed and Resolved to enquire with the council’s grass contractors for a quotation for cutting the bank.

It was Proposed and Resolved to contact the residents affected by the right of way access and propose the council remove the fencing and clear the overgrown area.

ACTION:  The Clerk to obtain a quotation from the Council’s grass contractor for cutting the grass bank at Glebe Rise, Cemetery.

The clerk to write to residents that  back onto the cemetery.

134.21  Update on the Great British Spring Clean litter picks, waste skip and consider future actions (See appendix 5)

It was proposed to the extend regular community litter picking events after the successful Great British Spring Clean.

It was Resolved to hold and promote a monthly litter pick commencing in September 2021.

ACTION:  The Clerk to promote and arrange a community litter pick for September 2021.

135.21  Consider proposal to sell the large council table (See appendix 6)

After discussion, is it was Proposed and Resolved to explore further public places in Burgh that may want the table.   This is to be reviewed at the next council meeting.

ACTION:  The Clerk to make enquires for placing the Council Table elsewhere within Burgh le Marsh and report back to Council.

136.21  Consider and vote on purchase of library publicity material. (See appendix 7)

It was Resolved to proceed with the purchase of library publicity material as quoted.  Cllr Jim Moss is to process the order.

ACTION:  Cllr J Moss to process and order library publicity material.

137.21  Approve and adopt the following council policies (see appendix 7)

  1. Standings Orders
  2. Publication Scheme
  3. Freedom of Information Requests Policy
  4. Date Protection Policy
  5. Breach of Data of Protection

Council noted all policies.

It was Resolved to approve and adopt all policies scheduled.

Deputy Chairman informed of his intention to Chair the Planning Committee as per section 4 D vii of the Standing Orders.

138.21  Correspondence Schedule (See appendix 8)

No additional correspondence.

139.21  Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed.

It was Resolved to exclude the public present due to the confidential nature of the business to follow.

One members of public left the meeting.

140.21  Receive update from the personnel committee(See appendix 9)

 Council noted the update from the personnel committee regarding staff. The personnel committee will report at the next council meeting if further actions of full council are required.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm


29 Jun 2021

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