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Minutes – Town Council Meeting (Annual Meeting) 4th May 2021

Minutes for a meeting of the Burgh Le Marsh Town Council
Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 7.00 pm
Annual Council Meeting
Remote meeting

Present:   Cllr Neil Cooper, Cllr Andy Cooper, Cllr Pauline Cooper, Cllr Lisa Broomfield, Cllr Jim Moss, Cllr Pat Phillips, Cllr Sue Blackburn, Cllr Mike Greenhalgh, Cllr Ricky Gandecha.    Clerk: Kelly Stevenson

 Public:            No public.

100.21  Election of Chairman

 Nominations for Chairman were received for Cllr Neil Cooper and Cllr Jim Moss.

After a ballot vote, Cllr Neil Cooper was voted as Chairman for 2021/2022.

101.21 Chairman’s Declaration of office.

 Cllr Neil Cooper signed the Declaration of Office.

Due to this being a remote meeting this will be posted to the clerk at the council offices.

 102.21  Election Deputy Chairman

Nominations for Deputy Chairman were received for Cllr Andy Cooper, Cllr Jim Moss, Cllr Sue Blackburn and Cllr Neil Cooper.

Cllr Neil Cooper withdrew his nomination for Deputy Chairman having been elected as Chairman.

A further vote was held resulting in the election of Cllr Jim Moss as Deputy Chairman.

 103.21 Deputy Chairman’s Declaration of office.

 Cllr J Moss signed the Declaration of Office.

Due to this being a remote meeting this will be posted to the Clerk at the council office.

104.21  Receive apologies

 Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Colin Wright.

105.21  Vote on council structure and proposed meeting dates (see appendix 1)

Council noted the proposal for changing the council structure to hold two monthly council meetings and having a no-committee structure.

After discussion and vote, it was agreed that no change would be made to the council structure.  Councilors prefer to remain with the current committee structure.

It was therefore Resolved for all council members to remain with their committee responsibilities.

Committees as follows:

Planning Committee Members:

Cllr Neil Cooper

Cllr Pauline Cooper

Cllr Jim Moss

Cllr Ricky Gandecha

Cllr Mike Greenhalgh

Cllr Sue Blackburn

Cllr Pat Phillips

Finance Committee Members:

Cllr Neil Cooper

Cllr Pauline Cooper

Cllr Pat Philips

Cllr Mike Greenhalgh

Open Spaces Committee Members:

Cllr Mike Greenhalgh

Cllr Sue Blackburn

Cllr Andy Cooper

Cllr Pat Phillips

Cllr Jim Mos

Personnel Committee Members

Cllr Lisa Broomfield

Cllr Jim Moss

Cllr Sue Blackburn

Cllr Pat Phillips

106.21  Review and update Council’s emergency operating procedure in light of covid restrictions and Government Guidelines until 30th June 2021 (see appendix 2)

Council noted legislation changes for remote meetings from 7th May 2021.

It was agreed to hold the May meeting of the Town Council at the Village Hall.  This will ensure social distancing in line with government guidelines.

It was Resolved to continue the emergency operating procedure until 30th June 2021

107.21  Exclude press and public pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the following business to be discussed. (Due to this being a remote meeting any member of public attending will be placed in the meeting    waiting room)

No public present.

108.21  Receive quotations and vote on a chosen contractor for treatment of the Council Building, and painting of the WC and storage container at Tinkers Green (see appendix 3)

Council noted and viewed all three quotations received.

It was Resolved to appoint Vickers Decorators to complete treatment of the Council building and exterior painting of the disabled toilet unit and storage container.

The Clerk informed of concerns regarding the guttering leaking and water pouring onto the building cladding.

It was agreed to obtain an additional quote and assessment of requirements for the guttering.

ACTION:  The Clerk to obtain an assessment and quotation for additional work relating to guttering.

The clerk to instruct Vickers to complete exterior painting work at the council building, public toilet unit, and storage container.

There being no further business the meeting closed 7.55 pm


04 May 2021

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